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Tournament Rules 
Only PS4
Once characters, settings, and button check (option of players) have finished players will begin there  game in there best of three or five matchup.
Gaming Rounds
Best of 3 format for Pool Qualifiers/Winners & Loser Brackets 


 Best of 5 formats only for Winners & Loser Final and Grand Final Rounds

Once the player has won the required number of games, the winner of the game MUST report to the tournament judge table IMMEDIATELY.
Players are not allowed to stop a match in progress for any reason UNLESS their joystick is not responding. The tournament judge will test the joystick in question and if it is found to be defective, the match will be replayed. If not, the round (not the match) will be forfeited. The tournament judge shall have the final say in determining the joystick functioning.
The only person allowed to stop a match in progress for any reason, regardless of outcome at the time, is the tournament judge running the bracket.
Any match interruptions/issues (game crashes, system resets, etc.) will be dealt with directly by the tournament judge. All best attempts will be made to resume the round from where it left off. If that cannot be accomplished, the game will be replayed from the beginning.

No wireless controls all games will be played with sync cables for that the particular gaming system.

Game Disqualification

Player is unable to be located/does not arrive after being called for five minutes he or she will be DQ.

Behaving in an unsportsmanlike manner towards an opponent; attempting to physically harm an opponent; misconduct towards anyone on tournament staff; and/or threatening any opponent, staff or attendee. Any types of violence or threats of violence will cause you to be ejected from the tournament venue.

Knowingly and performing glitches in the game that cause an unfair advantage. All glitches found will be reviewed and determined to be useable or unusable by the tournament judges and directors.

Any type of gambling on games or the outcome of games in or near the gaming area is prohibited. Anyone found gambling on games will be immediately ejected from the tournament.

Colluding or throwing a match. If the tournament staff has cause to believe that players are colluding to manipulate the outcome of the match, all players involved will be disqualified from the tournament and barred from future tournaments.

There will be no ties in the tournament. Any player that refuses to play any match that they are required to play will be immediately disqualified, and will forfeit their standing and any prize money.

If the power unexpectedly shuts off, or the system malfunctions and causes the match to be unplayable, the tournament judge will force a match reset. The wins for the games and rounds will stay as it was before the power went out or the game malfunctioned.

Only the round will be reset. For example: If player 1 is up 1-0 and it is on round 3 on game 2 when the game freezes, the system will be reset and the players will recreate the last game by giving each other a round.

The match will then start on round 3 with player 1 still up 1-0.